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Re: VMware on Debian

On Wednesday 30 March 2005 11:56 pm, Pollywog wrote:

> They did assist me but could not help much, due to lack of Debian
> knowledge, but I got help here and got it installed.  They are helping me
> now that it is installed and they know how to proceed to get networking and
> sound working. I can connect to my network with "Network Neighborhood" in
> Windows98 but not to the Internet and I am unable to get a sound driver
> that will actually work.  I am thinking I should buy a Win2000 CD because
> the drivers that are included for the VM work with that OS.  I am having
> difficulty finding the correct driver for Win98 SE.  I got one that is
> meant for Win98SE but it is an executable file and I am unable to install
> from that, I need an "inf" file.  Perhaps when the VMware support people
> get back tomorrow, they will be able to help, but they told me that if I do
> get Win2000, I will have a much easier time with this stuff.  I don't want
> to try XP because it would place demands on my system that it can't handle.

One down, two to go:  I got networking working :)

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