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Re: don't understand moniwiki packaging

Le Tue, 29 Mar 2005 22:41:18 -0700, Monique Y. Mudama a écrit :

> In the process of looking for a wiki implementation with minimal
> dependencies, I found moniwiki.  I'm pretty happy with it; enough so that I've
> set it up for my team at work, hoping it will catch on.
> I don't understand the packaging, though.  I'm hoping someone can enlighten
> me.
> The debian package puts all of the files in /usr/share/moniwiki ... which
> seems weird, as all of the files would need to be in some web-accessible place
> to work.  I can't find any installation notes indicating what I should do with
> these files.  I suppose I could copy the whole directory, but that seems to
> defeat the whole point of a package, since I would then have to manually
> update any local installations.  I can symlink it from /var/www, but that just
> seems weird ...
> I've tried both of these approaches, and with both the images seem not to
> work, though they work fine on the source install I have at the office ...
> odd.
> Anyone have any insight into why the package is installed this way, and how
> I'm supposed to use it?


well because the idea that web application are not application (and should
not have configuration files in /etc , libraries in /usr/share if for all
arch or /usr/lib else ... is weird too . We are talking about program that
process data and gives an output :)
This may seems weird but this enable powerfull automated upgrade without
erasing your files:
New package overwrites /var/www/blosxom/flavour files w/o asking

(i love automatic upgrades managed by debian framework, so i do not even
try to look objective :)

But ! you should find the application http apache configuratin (url,
http acl , etc ) in /etc/apache/conf.d (or the old way an #include at teh
end of /etc/apache/httpd.conf).

PS: files in /etc/apache.conf.d are in fact symlink to
/etc/your_application (should be /etc/moniwiki/apache.conf).
Usually the default url is http://localhost/moniwiki .

And some files in /usr/share/moniwiki should be symlinks to /etc/moniwiki
too. Those are the one you can modify safely and which all the one used to
configure your application (theme, language, database access, ...).

The all in /var/www packaging is not bad in itself. Though why avoid apt
for the most important part of your server : your buisness tools ?


PS2: well i don't find the present state of thing that great. But some
tools are on work in debian framework that may give us web applications as
easy to install as others (dbconfig-common, web application policy draft).
dbconfig-common is already in unstable !

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