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Re: Auto-notify remote user of IP address change?

Scratch my last e-mail, this is just what I was after - but didn't know where to start re writing a script. Thanks for that.

Douglas Ward wrote:
On Monday 07 March 2005 15:59, David Powell wrote:

My setup at home is similar (though I've got linux desktops) and I I've
tried to get the IP address that the modem is assigned, but the only way
I've been able to is by visiting internet sites (like shields up) that
report that info back.

The best way to accomplish this is to set up a dynamic dns account (e.g., one at http://dyndns.com). Then, install one of the clients (apt-cache search dyndns); there are also Windows clients.

I have a script that does the following:
*Checks for a change in IP address at an interval (via ipconfig or the Internet).
*Updates the dyndns account only if the address has changed.
*Emails someone with a date-stamped log of address changes

Adding support to send the address to a web page via ftp is also possible.

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