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Re: Auto-notify remote user of IP address change?

Thanks all for that.  I'm going to give dyndns a shot with ddclient.

My original thought was to somehow output the contents of whatismy.com to a text file (lynx www.whatismy.cop > .myip ??) and then grep that for the part with the IP address and mail the result. Is this possible or am I showing myself up as a hopeless newbie?

Anyway, dyndns looks very promising, so thanks for that.

David Powell wrote:
I'm installing a DB server into a clients office, and I want to be able to set up remote ssh access to the box from home.

The glitch is that the client's ADSL internet access has a dynamic IP address. I wondered if anyone knew of any good ways that I can get the debian box (which will be the DB server - and the only one I've access to) to check what IP address the office gets, and automatically e-mail me (or something) when it changes?

The full setup for the office is:

            / \
           /   \
          /     \
      Debian  Windows
      Server  desktops

My setup at home is similar (though I've got linux desktops) and I I've tried to get the IP address that the modem is assigned, but the only way I've been able to is by visiting internet sites (like shields up) that report that info back.

Any clues greatly appreciated.



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