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Re: (OT) Re: GNOME is f*cked seven ways from Sunday

On Sat, Feb 12, 2005 at 10:53:04PM -0600, Nate Bargmann wrote:
> So, how exactly, according to the GNOMEites, are we supposed to divine
> all of these nifty keyboard features?  Is it up to each app to document
> it in TFM?

As far as the hidden textbox, I'm assuming they'll think you'll just 
pick up this little bit of magic (like Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V) once and you'll 
be set.

As far as the philosophy, if you're cool you're supposed to be able to 
manage all your data in a depth-one hierarchy underneath your home dir.  
The hidden textbox is designed to enforce this behavior.  All my 
"non-hacker" family members do this anyway, and I've actually seen a guy 
organize all his data in a one-deep tree and do it "correctly."  (His 
name was Carl Nolan.)  Damnedest thing I ever saw.  It requires 
laser-like insight into your relationship in your org and how all the 
parts fit together.  I can't say much for it myself, but I know what the 
Gahnome people are going for.  It's cool if you can pull it off or are 
stupid, but it doesn't trip my trigger.  I'm a depth-two guy myself.

I know this sounds like some bogus BS but read the user interface 
guidelines for Gnome and you'll get it.  It's very controversial.
But probably Right.

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