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Re: why cups so rarely works "out of the box"

Richard Lyons wrote:
That said, I have to admit to having an intractable problem with my
printer setup -- the same one that prompted my original post on this
thread.  I think it must be a filter problem rather than a cups
one.  Having "solved" it a couple of weeks ago, it has just returned and
I can find no way to solve it.  Once again the printer is printing pages
of garbage -- in fact i think they are the raster data that should be
being interpreted as graphics.  There are no error messages even at
LogLevel debug2.

I am now looking for an alternative set of packages to replace cups
and gimp-print, as many hours of effort have revealed nothing useful
and I cannot print anything at all.   Can anyone suggest a more reliable
choice of packages?.  I need at least to be able to connect an Epson C62
as a local printer on /dev/lp0 to a sarge box.  I am prepared to give up
on network access if necessary, just to be able to get hard copy again.
FWIW escputil has also become erratic, only succeeding in connecting
sometimes, though I cannot see how that can be from the same cause.

[I have already posted this question 6 or 8 hours ago in a new thread,
but it has not appeared on the list, so apologies if this finishes up
double posted.]

Have you checked out this page?


According to the page, your printer should work perfectly with
the gimp-print driver.


Roberto C. Sanchez

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