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Re: why cups so rarely works "out of the box"

On (11/02/05 15:16), Leonard Chatagnier wrote:
> Boy, I have to get in on this topic, too, as I have tried to setup my 
> Epson Stylus CX6400 for weeks now and can't even get the KDE print 
> manager to work.  I for one would
> like to see some more output like frederik@dannemare.net 
> <mailto:frederik%40dannemare.net> but just for a single PC user(NO LAN) 
> and just for a dial-up-modem user(56 K).  I've done a lot of searching 
> on this issue during the 4-5 months I've been using Deb GNU/Linux and 
> all I find is related to networking and doesn't work in my case.  I've 
> also seen a lot of postings about localhost:631(with cups) and 
> connection refused but no solution.  I'm still trying to connect to 
> localhost without success and have done a lot of searching about it.  
> I've just about quit posting to Debian because most of the time I don't 
> get a response but i still keep reading the list hoping that someone 
> else ask the questions I have.  Let's keep this going, I may get my 
> answer yet, but I don't know if anyone remembers the original post here.
> Enjoyed everyones comments,
> Leonard Chatagnier
Can't remember if I rsponded to your original post but the doc I use
Even though it is geared to networking, I used it to get a USB connected printer
working.  I've used it also to set up both printservers and clients.
In my limited experience of setting up printers under Linux, I've never
managed to do it using KDE print manager.  I always use cups.

connecting to http://localhost:631 will ask you to login.  You can either login
as root or add yourself to the group lpadmin and login as you.

Good luck.


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