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Re: Mozilla and Firefox plugins and addins

Jim Hall wrote at Wed, Feb 02, 2005 at 01:32:03AM -0600, that:
> In Sarge, I need to add plugins to Firefox and Mozilla. Should I only 
> use what's available with apt-get? Or, are there other methods? I can 
> not take the chance of breaking anything, so whatever I do has to work 
> or I'm not allowed to do it.
> Jim

If you're talking about plugins, they're system wide far as I know
and have to be made by hand, unless there is a Debian package for it.
For mozilla-firefox I did to download jdk 1.5 for a JAVA plugin
and make a symbolic link from it's plugin directory to mozilla-firefox's


Extensions can installed directly per user by downloading, providing
they support the Firefox version you have. 

As it is I have two firefoxes right now. I'm not sure is it debian
based problem or firefox, but my mozilla-firefox 'disappears' time
to time. It can't be called nor is there a process for it.
Is this known problem?

I have Sarge + Gnome and Debian packaged firefox


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