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Re: [OT] realtek network card: how to find why card won't sync at 100Mbps against anything

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Micha Feigin wrote:
| I have a problem for some time now with my laptops on board realtek
8139 network
| card. It works properly when locked into 10 Mbps mode but when set to
| connection it doesn't sync.
| mii-tool and mii-diag show that it reads the partners abilities
properly and
| negotiates 100Mbps connection but the link status remains as
unestablished. It
| seems that it negotiates 100Mbps correctly, sets the card but then
fails to
| communicate with the other machine and start negotiation again.
Setting the
| speed to 100Mbps manually doesn't help either.
| If I force the card to 10Mbps it works properly (although slowly).
| Taking it to the shop will costs more then an external pcmcia or usb
| card and it works at 10Mbps now so its not worth taking to a
technician. I was
| if its possible and if there is a way to check if its the internal cable
| connecting the card to the external port or if the on board chip is
blown. Can
| there be something only partially wrong with the cable so that it will
work at
| 10Mbps and not at 100Mpbs?
| It displayed the same behavior under windows (when I had it installed)
and on
| several versions of linux so it doesn't seem to be a software bug.
Could be
| firmware?
| Will be happy for ideas.

As I recall, a poor connection on one pair might cause problems at the
higher speed and not the other. But generaly this would cause the speed
to be negotiated at the lower speed.

I have seen some cards/chipsets that fail to negotiate properly. However
have never had a problem with this one.

I believe there are at least 3 versions of this chip. At one time, one
of the newer ones would not work at all with some kernel versions, but
think that time is long ago past.


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