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Re: simple samba question

After thinking about it, I appologize to the list. This is truely a winxp question. Please ignore it. Again, I appologize.

Rodney wrote:

Obviously I reckon you've tried loggin out of XP and
back in again, so you need to get XP to forget your
network password in XP control panel >  User Accounts.
I'm sorry, I was unclear.  I'd rather not have to log out of windows,
though this does work.  I just want to go look at the other directories
if/when needed.

Then select your user and on the left in some "context
menu" you'll find "Manage my network passwords".
Delete the relevant password and you're sorted...
Nope, nothing from the samba server in there. Just my windows server and

Is there not a way to type in the username and password in windows
explorer or something?

BTW, I'm aware it's a "windows" thing and appreciate the groups patients.

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