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Re: partitioned drive in linux. Windows gives me a phantom drive letter

Spongebob wrote:

Kent West wrote:
So whereas I still remember that you're having a phantom drive show up
on a Win98/Linux box with two drives and lots of partitions

Hmm...according DOS's fdisk, it's a little out of touch with reality.

MS-DOS's fdisk? Or Win98's fdisk? I'm fairly confident there's probably a difference (large disk support, etc).

hdd (disk 1 according to fdisk) shows the partitions as they appear in linux. It's indicating that my phantom drive letter (E:) is the last partition (hdd4 in linux). Windows shows E: as having a few dummy files that I placed there from windows (which I don't see in linux). Actually, hdd4 has quite a bit of stuff on it. All of the data shows up on a drive called H: (which doesn't appear in fdisk). Files added to H: do show up on hdd4 in linux.

hda (disk 2 according to fdisk) doesn't appear correctly in fdisk. It show the drive to be 65G, whereas it's actually 160G. Primary ext2 hda1 shows up correctly. But fat32 hda2 shows up as partition 4, the extended partition hda3 shows up as partition 2, and ext2 hda4 shows up as partition 3. Windows seems to have no trouble with this drive, though.

If it were me, I'd backup all my important stuff and wipe the drives clean and start from scratch. But that's just me; I'd never feel comfortable that something's not wrong at a low level without doing this. Since you have two drives, I'd put Windows on its own drive, and Linux on its own drive. That's not to say that you can't solve your issues without a wipe/rebuild, but I've always felt uncomfortable with systems that have partition anamolies.


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