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Re: Adding Keyboard Shortcuts Gnome2

> So I got a chance to try this out.. I got sawfish-ui running and edited
> my shortcuts however they don't seem to actually do anything. Am I
> missing a setup item to have sawfish actually load this information? I
> also noticed that there are no longer any viewports, just workspaces, is
> this correct?

0) the bindings should take affect immediately after adding them.

1) make sure sawfish is running and not metacity. (appease the skeptic
in all of us)

2) when you are running sawfish-ui and it asks you to 'press key...'
does the key combination show up in the text box?
run 'xev' to make sure your key codes and things are showing up in X as
you expect.

3) make really easy test cases, like "ctr + alt + x" be a binding for
toggle maximize.

-matt zagrabelny

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