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Re: Programming Languages, "to C or not to C, that is the Q."

On Sun, 2005-01-23 at 23:46 -0500, J.F.Gratton wrote:
> Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't there a few (well ok, at least one)
> OS written in SmallTalk ? I seem to remember that from my computer
> science courses. I could be something planted in my memory by some evil
> alien that wanted to promote wide-spread use of SmallTalk, tho :)

The Xerox PARC machines from the 1970s and early 1980s were like
that.  To a degree: Smalltalk was a great layer on top of some
lower parts.

> Regards,
> Jeff
> On Sun, 2005-01-23 at 21:52 -0600, Ron Johnson wrote:
> > Writing an OS in an interpreted language?????  Unless it's using
> > psyco.
> > 
> > Still, every language has a domain that it's best able to solve,
> > and it should stick to it.
> > 

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