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Re: something messed up my partition table. Can I get it back?

So far, I have:

grub working

partitions on hda:
1       ext2            /
2       extended (0xf)
5       vfat            win data
6       vfat            win programs
8       ext2            usr
9       ext2            home
10      vfat            dummy to make windows happy (it doesn't)
7       vfat            win data
3       ext2            var
4       ext2            original linux partition

Linux boots from hda1.
hda4 is where I had linux originally installed. I'm not touching this 
partition until everything else works correctly.

partitions on hdd:
1       vfat            windows root
2       swap
5       ext2            linux backup (currently holding some zipped archives)
6       vfat            windows backup (currently holding some zipped archives)

Linux and windows both boot.
But windows isn't giving me all of my drives. hdd1, hdd6, and hda5 show up 
okay. There are 2 partitions (d: and e:) that aren't readable. I don't know 
which partitons these are (hda6, hda7, or hda10). One partition isn't 
showing up at all.

hda seems fine when I look at them with sfdisk and parted.
There's no trouble accessing them from linux. Why isn't windows happy?
This is the same problem I ran into when originally installing linux. I 
couldn't figure out how to make vfat and ext2 live happily together with 
logical partitions. This is why I ended up doing the bad thing of putting 
linux all on a single (primary) partition.

On hdd, windows doesn't seem to mind the linux partition. There's something 
I'm not getting here.

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