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Re: bittorrent troubles was: Re: Sharing dfsbuild experiences.

On Thu, Jan 20, 2005 at 11:26:40PM +1100, Sam Watkins wrote:
> > I can see one connected peer - that would probably be you :)
> > Thanks for taking the time to help me!
> That's ok :)  now we can get back to the original topic of the thread
> which was trying out your dfs build!
> I downloaded it onto my server, I'll leave that bt running so other
> people can get it faster.  I'll copy it here at home tomorrow and check
> it out.
Thanks :)

> Please remind us what your dfs CD does again, it's been a while!
Maybe I'll start a new thread explaining the whole thing. Not tonight,
Basically, it is intended to be used for all kinds of sysadmin tasks,
mainly networking and file system repair/analysis. Not unlike the
original, I suppose...

> Does the image contain info about what has gone on the CD?

I should have put a list of packages on there - maybe next time. In
the meantime, the list is at

> by the way, do you know of a program that will unpack an .iso image
> without having to be root to mount it?

Nope - sorry.


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