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Re: bittorrent troubles was: Re: Sharing dfsbuild experiences.

On Fri, Jan 14, 2005 at 10:27:32PM -0500, Juergen Fiedler wrote:
> I tried running bittorrent on the gateway - and I can't even 
> access it on that same machine. Are there any issues with 
> running bt on the machine you are trying to access it from 
> that I should be aware of?

Apparently you're not running the tracker at the moment - please try
running it again and I'll see if I can connect to it at least.

There's something in the FAQ about using an --ip option:

  If your tracker and downloader are on the same machine or within the
  same private IP range, you need to start the downloader with the --ip
  parameter, followed by it's public IP. Otherwise "localhost" could be

I don't understand what he's on about here, and when I tried to use --ip
I was unable to connect to the tracker, while and it worked without -
but maybe you could try that.

Juergen, are you able to open http://www.fiedlerfamily.net:6880 in your
web browser?  The tracker has a web interface that you should be able to

Also you could try:
  telnet www.fiedlerfamily.net 6880
to check if you can connect (but might as well use the browser).

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