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Re: bittorrent troubles was: Re: Sharing dfsbuild experiences.

On Wed, Dec 22, 2004 at 09:31:14AM -0500, Juergen Fiedler wrote:
> I noticed that btdownloadcurses (or headless, for that matter) gives
> me an error after a little while:
> > Problem connecting to tracker - HTTP Error -1:
> That's all.
> I have the tracker running:
> > bttrack --port 6880 --dfile /service/bttrack/dstate
> I created the torrent file:
> > btmakemetafile /home/juergen/bittorrent/dfs.jf-12202004.iso \
> >  http://www.fiedlerfamily.net:6880/announce
> I copied it to my web server and tried 
> >btdownloadcurses --url \
>  http://www.fiedlerfamily.net/juergen/files/dfs.jf-12202004.iso.torrent \
>  --saveas /home/juergen/bittorrent/dfs.jf-12202004.iso
> It completes the 'download' and then gives me the aforementioned error
> every few minutes. What am I doing wrong here? Any input *will* be
> appeciated.

Did you end up getting this to work?  I just set up bittorrent this
morning and didn't have this trouble.

If you were running it from a home computer, did you remember to set up
port forwarding to get past the gateway?


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