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(solved) Re: usb keyb+mouse gets disconnected while booting, with knoppix, ubuntu, ...

Joao Clemente wrote:
I have a Asus P2B motherboard (i440bx chipset) and I've got a "Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop" (wireless keyb + mouse) wich receiver I connect to my motherboard through USB.

First, some previous information:
Every time I plug-off my computer, when booting I need to get the usb cable on and off the PC so that the keyboard starts working (I think this procedure turns on the receiver). After doing that 1 time I can use the pc, turn it off (without unplugging) and on again, with no problem (no need to disconnect/connect the usb cable). I can live with that.

Ok, I'll post this as reference to others that may (I doubt) suffer from the simptoms I've had... I'm pretty happy this got solved (and in such a supidly easy way) as I, incredibly, have been suffering from this from more than a year now!

What happens is that my hardware setup/scenario is a little bit more complicated than I descibed. I actually had this:

PC <-> usb extender <-> usb extender <-> powered usb hub <->usb receiver
(yes, I had 2 usb extenders cascaded, then a powered usb hub, wich then had the usb keyb+mouse usb receiver)

I somehow suspected that this problem could be related to the usb extenders, and so I tried to plug everything like this:
PC <-> receiver
well, this setup worked fine... I did some more tests and ended up with the following setup:
PC <-> powered usb hub <-> usb extender <-> usb extender <->usb receiver
This works fine in every situation I described in my previous mail!!!!

I think it may be related with insufficient powering from my motherboard to the USB port, where the powered usb hub makes up for that...

Well, problem solved, lets go on!
Hope this will eventually help someone!

Joao Clemente

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