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Re: Installing GNU-Linux on Dell Precision 370

Finbarr Quinlan <fquinlan <at> sensl.com> writes:

> Hello,
> I have tried to install Debian's Gnu-Linux OS on a Dell Precision 370.
> Before I did this I have partitioned my hard disk into 4 partitions. 1 
> to keep my windows XP which is NTFS, 1 is Linux Swap, 1 is FAT32, and 
> the other is ReiserFS.

> When booting from the CD-Rom ( the latest version ), it cannot read the 
> partitions in the hard drive.

You told that you partitioned linux swap and reiserfs , but that you cannot boot
from the installation cd. 
Didn t you partitioned from the cd ?

I m guessing that maybe you meant that you installed from the latest cd but
cannot boot linux from hd afterwards . 
(there are "bugs" the grub installer about that, when bios does not see the sata
Could you explain a litlle more.


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