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Re: unattended reboot for forced filesystem checks

On Mon, 2005-01-17 at 21:04 -0800, Alvin Oga wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 18, 2005 at 03:06:52PM +1100, Blake Swadling wrote:
> > > > 
> > > > I have some machines here that are routinely turned off at the power
> > > > button rather than using the correct shutdown procedure. when they are
> politely shoot the people that do that ... :-0 or hitting the reset
> 	- most admins get tired and start to remove the power and reset
> 	switches .. to avoid that problem too
> 	- which leaves you the gui to shutdown or pull the plug
> 	and the pc is usually under the desk or far back on the desk
> 	- lots of other ways, besides bypassing fsck'ing
> 	( it's there to cover your butt .. a few seconds now will save
> 	( you days, months of time to try to recover a lost file
> > > > restarted i get the usual error "filesystem not cleanly unmounted...".
> > > > it then checks them and prompts me to hit ctrl-d.
> that is a very very good thing 
> > > > Is there any way that I can force it to immediately reboot rather than
> > > > prompting the user for input?
> that is an extreme bad thing, worst than those that hit the power or reset
> switch
> 	- its the same as "the car light came on for no water" so you
> 	bypass the step and disconnect the lights
> 	- one day, your disk will be too corrupted and you lose
> 	all your files ... or lose your car engine
> convience vs security is one thing ... but bypassing important time
> consuming steps is a bad bad thing
> 	- bypassing silly dumb steps is a good thing
> 	- knowing what's bad and what's good to bypass is up to you
> 	- and if its nothing else... use reiserfs, jfs, xfs instead
> 	as those are at least lot fsater at recover from power off
> and yup...i get lots of those "help, we lost some important files"
> for tommorrows meeting, and i say what did you do and been doing
> the past few months ...
> ( hint: did you hit reset/power to shutdown and go home )
> c ya
> alvin

unfortunately these things are deployed as appliance type arrangements
and are generally stashed in a cupboard/server room somewhere with no
input devices attached, only a power button.

I am using ext3 filesystem. Is there some way to do a fast recovery. I
notice that the older versions simply did a journal recovery and
bypassed the full scan. This has worked without problems for a
significant amount of time without corrupting the fs. Can i do something
similar rather than incurring a full scan every time it is shut down?

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