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Re: unattended reboot for forced filesystem checks

On Mon, 2005-01-17 at 21:19 -0500, David Mandelberg wrote:
Blake Swadling wrote:
> Folks
> I have some machines here that are routinely turned off at the power
> button rather than using the correct shutdown procedure. when they are
> restarted i get the usual error "filesystem not cleanly unmounted...".
> it then checks them and prompts me to hit ctrl-d.
> Is there any way that I can force it to immediately reboot rather than
> prompting the user for input?
> Cheers
> Blake
Comment out
 /sbin/sulogin $CONSOLE
in /etc/init.d/checkrootfs.sh (line 173 for me).

I found also that touching a file called /fastboot will cause the system not to run fsck automagically at boot time. this was what I was after.

Thanks for the tip


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