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appliances Re: unattended reboot for forced filesystem checks

On Tue, 18 Jan 2005, Blake Swadling wrote:

> unfortunately these things are deployed as appliance type arrangements
> and are generally stashed in a cupboard/server room somewhere with no
> input devices attached, only a power button.

ah different ballgame...  you can now shoot me for my prev posts :-)

and you can turn off fscking by removing the fsck'ing line in the bootup
scripts, tht it wont do any checks .. makes it faster and dangerous too

> I am using ext3 filesystem. Is there some way to do a fast recovery. I
> notice that the older versions simply did a journal recovery and

ahh but ... ext3 is still extremely bad for "appliances" with no

there is no clear answer, but ext3 is not it since it depends on ext2A ..
	- xfs, jfs, reiserfs, jjfs, jjfs2 ( not ready for primetime )
	- even fat-16 might be an option if you can handle the
	8.3 file name restrictions

> bypassed the full scan. This has worked without problems for a
> significant amount of time without corrupting the fs. Can i do something
> similar rather than incurring a full scan every time it is shut down?

the full scan would depend on how badly its corrypted and will try
to fix it ... after too many inode propblems, it(fsck) says "here you fix
it and confirm that it should be fixed based on what i6t thinks it should

c ya

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