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Re: Re can't the shell do a better job

Steve Lamb wrote:
Gayle Lee Fairless wrote:

Maurits van Rees <maurits@vanrees.org>

Somewhat related: with CONTROL-R you can search backwards in your
history when on the command line. It can be quite a time saver. I
think that's only when you're in emacs-compatible mode.

This is a feature of bash. Someone with more knowledge of the various shells could probably elaborate more on this topic.

Well, in the one true shell, zsh, ESC-P and ESC-N will go backwards and forwards in the history respectively. It will even take the current line as a filter so "ls" followed by multiple ESC-P will bring up my previous ls commands.

I always get hung up with that in bash since ESC-P does something completely different there. Brings up a colon for some reason. To me it means, "You're not using zsh, stupid, run chsh!" :)

bash uses Ctrl-P and Ctrl-N.. in emacs editing mode that is..

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