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Re: Re can't the shell do a better job

On Sun, Jan 02, 2005 at 02:15:22PM -0200, Toshiro wrote:
} > Note that I write all my shell scripts for /bin/sh, not zsh or bash or csh
} > or tcsh. I even try to avoid using GNU extensions to standard tools like
} > sed, tr, and grep (though sometime they are just too useful to work
} > around). I've migrated from Ultrix to SunOS to FreeBSD to IRIX to Solaris
} > to Linux to MacOS X over the years and my scripts keep on working; I'm
} > ready for the next migration, whatever and whenever it may be (God help me,
} > it might be cygwin). For an interactive shell, however, nothing beats tcsh.
} Is tcsh better than zsh? I've just moved to zsh from bash (I'm tired of its 
} poor command completion) and it's so cool that I can't imagine anything 
} better. 

AFAICT, zsh and tcsh are pretty nearly equally good, for some definition of
good. If I were willing to put the effort into it, I expect I could port
all of my tcsh shell customizations to zsh without compromising any of the
features I have grown used to. A quick look at its man page seems to
indicate that it has a superset of tcsh's features (n.b. that's features,
not syntax).

If I didn't have around 600 lines of tcsh configuration I'd have to port,
I'd probably switch to zsh. Someday I might. I do prefer sh-like syntax to
t-/csh's syntax. If you are switching shells anyway, go with zsh.

} Toshiro.

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