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Re: Re can't the shell do a better job

> Note that I write all my shell scripts for /bin/sh, not zsh or bash or csh
> or tcsh. I even try to avoid using GNU extensions to standard tools like
> sed, tr, and grep (though sometime they are just too useful to work
> around). I've migrated from Ultrix to SunOS to FreeBSD to IRIX to Solaris
> to Linux to MacOS X over the years and my scripts keep on working; I'm
> ready for the next migration, whatever and whenever it may be (God help me,
> it might be cygwin). For an interactive shell, however, nothing beats tcsh.

Is tcsh better than zsh? I've just moved to zsh from bash (I'm tired of its 
poor command completion) and it's so cool that I can't imagine anything 


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