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Re[2]: multiport ethernet cards

Monday, January 10, 2005, 1:43:34 AM, Kevin Mark wrote:

KM> Hi Chris,
KM> a UG in my area ( 'nycwireless.net') hack and deploy soekris boards for
KM> wireless access points. One of the members maintains a distributions
KM> based on debian called 'pebble' linux. check out the list and google for
KM> 'pebble linux'.

Thanks very much Kevin: that turned up one reference to using the
multiport ethernet cards in a minimal non-debian system (not pebble).
This, and Alvin's post, are making me more aware of how much the tiny
embedded or almost embedded linux based systems are doing and may be
the way to go but, though it starts to look like staying on a trusty
old elephant when you could ride a horse or pony, I'd like to stay
with Debian for now.

Just replying openly in hope that someone else out there has
experience of the Soekris lan1621 or lan1641 multiport PCI ethernet
cards under Woody.

Cheers all,


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