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Re: multiport ethernet cards

On Sun, 9 Jan 2005, Kevin Mark wrote:

> On Sun, Jan 09, 2005 at 10:10:03AM +0000, Chris Evans wrote:
> > In relation to debugging my DNS lookup woes (see other posts!) I'm
> > going to buy a spare PCI ethernet card.  Since my firewall machine is
> > tiny and quiet, it only has one PCI slot so I'd like to get a
> > multiport, ideally four port, card.  Some time back people recommended
> > the Intel Pro multiport cards but they were out of my price range
> > except on Ebay (where I can now only see one two port card).  I also
> > had a recommendation for Soekris who have 2 and 4 port cards at prices
> > I can pay and say they have linux support (see end of post for spec).
> > 
> > Does anyone have experience of these cards with Woody or have another
> > recommendation?

we use the wrap boards ... has 3 wired lan ports and can have up to 4
antenna connections
	3 nic wrap boards is $150 range ( same or cheaper than soekris )
	depending on your requirements

	- for distro you can use any distro .. customized for your
	needs ( CF or laptop disk or  ?? ) with firewall or not

		openBSD based monowall works on both soekris and wrap
		as does leaf

	you can get wrap from:
		http://mini-box.com  -- see the index on left and pics

		http://wrap-box.net  -- wrap chassis drawings  
		( for open source but non-commercial use )
> a UG in my area ( 'nycwireless.net') hack and deploy soekris boards for
> wireless access points. One of the members maintains a distributions
> based on debian called 'pebble' linux. check out the list and google for
> 'pebble linux'.

c ya

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