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Re: Broken Konqueror?

* Jon Dowland <jon-dowland@ncl.ac.uk> [2005 Jan 07 08:52 -0600]:
> On my 450mhz, konqueror is the only fully-featured GUI browser that runs at
> any kind of usable speed.

Wow!  I use both Firefox and Mozilla 1.8a5 (mozilla.org builds) on this
333 MHz PII laptop.  Granted, I have 192 MiB of RAM in it, but they ran
very well when it was at 128 MiB.  I am limited by a dial-up connection
so browser speed may not be as noticable, but even compared to my 1.33
GHz Athlon desktop this machine isn't really much slower rendering most
pages.  Browser startup and rendering extremely large pages takes a bit
longer as one would expect.  And, performance may be reduced a bit
further because of hotplug and other things not running on the desktop.

I remember loading a few large pages on Netscape 2.0 back on my old
386/40--now that was an event to pack a lunch for!  Heck, I ever run
Moz browsers on an old Thinkpad 760ED at times.  Now, that does seem a
bit pokey these days.

The only time I've run Konqi is when I've played with Knoppix on this
laptop.  I didn't notice enough speed improvement, if I noticed any at
all, to cause me to load up all the KDE libs...


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