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Re: Broken Konqueror?

On Friday 07 Jan 2005 03:21, Carl Fink wrote:
> On a newly-updated Sarge system I'm now finding a totally broken
> Konqueror.  Trying to load any web page gives me the frightening
> message:
>  Protocol not supported
>  http
> So, a web browser that doesn't support http?  Odd.
> BTW, the breaking-glass sound effect added to this makes it even more
> irritating.  Do I have to load the rest of the very-annoying KDE to
> find the stupid configuration option to turn off the sound FX?

To explain, konqi doesn't support http, kde does. You need a package called 
something like the kdebase-kio-plugins package to get http support. 
Remember, konqi isn't a web browser. 

In answer to your question about sound effects, you need to install kdebase 
and start up kde to turn of the sound effects. if the effort of doing this 
is too much for you, you could go though the KconfigXT code in konqi, work 
out which bit links up with the sound effects, then figure out what to put 
in ~/.kde . I think you are better off installing, fixing and then 


PS, why are you using konqi if you don't like kde?

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