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OK. GNUMail.app just went into Sarge today.  It is supposed to
be like the NeXT/Apple Mail.app (neither of which I have used).
I must say that it is really nice.  I am seriously considering
switching from Thunderbird.  It has very nice and intuitive
interfaces, native gpg integration (no plugin necessary), and
a bunch of really nice features.  My only beef is that there
was no way to configure it for SMTP/TLS over port 25 (which is
what my mailserver is set for), so I had to enable sslwrap on
port 465.  But that was only a minor annoyance.

I heartily recommend anyone who uses a GUI MUA and is one of
the *Step environments most of the time.

-Roberto Sanchez
RFC3156 defines security multipart formats for MIME with OpenPGP.

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