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KDE messed up after dist-upgrade


I did my daily apt-get upgrade a couple of days ago, and I noticed there were 
a whole bunch of packages being held, most of them kde. Trying a couple of 
them by hand revealed they were in conflict with other packages that needed 
to be removed and whatnot. So I did a dist-upgrade.

Now I got kde 3.3.1 which is great, but a bunch of stuff doesn't work anymore. 
KDE configuration center doesn't work, and the kaddressbook opens but it 
doesn't open my regular addressbook file even though it is still in the same 
place it's always been, and has not changed.

Also kmail is misbehaving (I can still send emails such as this one though)

I am afraid of what might happen if/when I reboot.

My question is: how can I go back to the KDE 3.2.3 or whatever that I had 
before and that  _worked_?

I have a complete list of the packages that got updated during the infamous 
dist-upgrade. I copied and pasted part of the output of apt into a file.

What is interesting is that all these packages that seem to be bad, broken or 
at least buggy, do not have this weird behavior in AMD64 sid unofficial on 
alioth (I run that on my home computer ). In fact they work real nice. So 
somewhere between sid and testing they acquired a bunch of bugs...? Or maybe 
it's just that the unfinished AMD64 sid port is more stable than the 
about-to-be-officialy-released-as-stable sarge???

What's going on here? Has the decision been made to keep sarge in testing 
forever? Why did the developers feel the absolute need to have KDE 3.3.1 in 
the next stable release? Cos it looks like it's gonna be a while before 3.3.1 
is going to be anywhere close to stable grade...


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