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Re: KDE messed up after dist-upgrade

Alexandru Cabuz wrote:

> I did my daily apt-get upgrade a couple of days ago, and I noticed there
> were a whole bunch of packages being held, most of them kde. Trying a
> couple of them by hand revealed they were in conflict with other packages
> that needed to be removed and whatnot. So I did a dist-upgrade.

If you do a dist-upgrade again, does it want to upgrade anything else? If
so, keep running dist-upgrade until it stops trying to upgrade packages.

> Now I got kde 3.3.1 which is great, but a bunch of stuff doesn't work
> anymore. KDE configuration center doesn't work, and the kaddressbook opens
> but it doesn't open my regular addressbook file even though it is still in
> the same place it's always been, and has not changed.

> Also kmail is misbehaving (I can still send emails such as this one
> though)

> I am afraid of what might happen if/when I reboot.

This can happen when KDE is upgraded. Make sure you log out of KDE and
restart X, and though you might need to tweak some programs to get it
working like it was before, you should be fine.

FWIW, I've been running KDE 3.3.1 (Sid) for months without problems.

> My question is: how can I go back to the KDE 3.2.3 or whatever that I had
> before and that  _worked_?

APT pinning. Google for it - I've seen links to docs posted on the list. But
I don't think it's necessary - other than the Control Center issues, most
of your problems seem minor, and it looks like you haven't even restarted
KDE after upgrading.

> What's going on here? Has the decision been made to keep sarge in testing
> forever? Why did the developers feel the absolute need to have KDE 3.3.1
> in the next stable release? Cos it looks like it's gonna be a while before
> 3.3.1 is going to be anywhere close to stable grade...

Read the archives for the debian-devel list and see the discussion and
debate over KDE 3.3.1 in Sarge - it was not considered an "absolute need",
and decisions were not made lightly.

In fact, KDE 3.3.1 was artificially held in Sid for weeks to ensure a smooth

Again, restart KDE, work out the remaining minor issues, and you'll be fine.


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