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SOLVED: OT: How to add tab-closing X in Firefox, like Galeon?

J.A. de Vries wrote:

On 2004-12-31 @ 10:54:44 (week 53) Kent West wrote:

[I want a closing "X" on my tabs, like the feature found in Galeon.

I googled for [tabx] and found [it] at the "Extension Room" at MozDev (http://extensionroom.mozdev.org/more-info/ctc),
but when I click to install [it,] the file is not
downloadable because of "download error"

Strange, for me it did work flawlessly just by clicking on the install
link on the page. No trouble whatsoever. That's on an up-to-date Sarge
box with the default firefox package (FF 1.0).
After reading your post, I tried firing up Firefox with sudo; in this environment, I was able to install the TabX extension. Still, when I went back to my normal user, the extension was not in Firefox, so it obviously only installed TabX for the root user.

Again I tried to install it as a normal user, but again the error about downloading.

So I right-clicked on the "install" link and selected "Save Link As" to save the "tabx.xpi" file to my home directory. I then went into Firefox's "File/Open File" menu, opened "tabx.xpi", which seemed to install the extension, then restarted FF, and now I have the extension. Yea! (So, obviously the installer routine for this extension is still buggy, but what can you expect from a 0.5 version product?)



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