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Re: OT: How to add tab-closing X in Firefox, like Galeon?

On 2004-12-31 @ 10:54:44 (week 53) Kent West wrote:

> Except that neither of these extensions is available from the "Get More 
> Extensions" feature in Firefox. However, after your post, I googled for 
> these two extensions and found them at the "Extension Room" at MozDev 
> (http://extensionroom.mozdev.org/more-info/ctc), 

Sorry, forgot to mention that. I has become something of a second nature
for me to get my extensions from that site.

> but when I click to install them they both report that the file is not
> downloadable because of "download error" (helpful, ain't it?). (TabX
> is what I used to use in the pre 0.9 versions of FF.)

Strange, for me it did work flawlessly just by clicking on the install
link on the page. No trouble whatsoever. That's on an up-to-date Sarge
box with the default firefox package (FF 1.0).

> So it looks like no one has built an extension for this that works. 
> Still, I'm thinking that maybe there's some configuration tweak 
> ("about:config" or something similar) that might add the feature, 
> although a search for "tab" in "about:config" didn't turn up anything 
> promising.

Not as far as I know. There are some settings, but none will add that
icon to the tabs like you asked for.

> Bummer.

Yup, however as I stated I have a default install and I didn't have any
trouble installing both TabX and CTC, so it should be possible for you
too to install them. Hmm, maybe it is because I already had them before
I upgraded to 1.0? I don't know. I had to reinstall them manually after
upgrading though. The automated FF update check didn't think they were
appropriate for my new version somehow...

Sorry, I'd like to help you, but I don't know why it doesn't work for

Grx HdV

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