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Re: SOLVED: OT: How to add tab-closing X in Firefox, like Galeon?

On 2005-01-01 @ 09:19:13 (week 53) Kent West wrote:

> So I right-clicked on the "install" link and selected "Save Link As" to 
> save the "tabx.xpi" file to my home directory. I then went into 
> Firefox's "File/Open File" menu, opened "tabx.xpi", which seemed to 
> install the extension, then restarted FF, and now I have the extension. 
> Yea! (So, obviously the installer routine for this extension is still 
> buggy, but what can you expect from a 0.5 version product?)
> Thanks!

Your welcome. Glad to see it worked out for you. Although I have to
admit I don't remember having go through all these hoops...

Grx HdV

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