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Re: Sound stopped working after update

I got bit by this too and posted here and on devel -- I was referred to
these two bugs:


If you read through them you'll find that they changed some symbol
references in the new kernel you installed and any modules compiled
against the old kernel source are now broken ... that includes all of

The solutions provided were: wait for alsa modules to be updated, or
compile alsa yourself from source.  I tried the source route, but have
too many issues with different versions of things and or always wanting
pcmcia ... if it goes too much longer I may just install all the pcmcia
stuff and compile anyway.

The bad thing in looking at the earlier bug above is that this has been
kicking around since 12/4/04 and still isn't resolved 'normally', though
it is tagged as 'grave' and is in the sarge release path.

Hope that helps.

On Sat, Jan 01, 2005 at 01:48:32AM -0500, Jason Chagas wrote:
> > Just to verify - 'modprobe via82cxxx_audio' returns no errors, but does not
> > affect the outcome of sound tests done afterwards?
> Nope, here is a copy of the test I ran:
> sarge:~# modprobe via82cxxx_audio
> sarge:~# play /usr/share/sounds/pop.wav
> playing /usr/share/sounds/pop.wav
> sox: Can't open output file '/dev/dsp': No such device
> sarge:~# lsmod | grep cxxx
> via82cxxx              10116   1  (autoclean)
> ide-core               96876   4  (autoclean) [ide-cd ide-detect
> via82cxxx siimage ide-disk]
> What is puzzling me is that audio had been working just fine before my
> latest apt update. This is a snippet of /var/log/kern.log for the last
> time audio worked:
> < snip >
> Dec 29 08:56:26 localhost kernel: Via 686a/8233/8235 audio driver
> 1.9.1-ac3
> Dec 29 08:56:26 localhost kernel: via82cxxx: Six channel audio available
> Dec 29 08:56:26 localhost kernel: PCI: Setting latency timer of device
> 00:11.5 \to 64
> Dec 29 08:56:26 localhost kernel: ac97_codec: AC97 Audio codec, id:
> ALG16 (ALC2\00/200P)
> Dec 29 08:56:26 localhost kernel: via82cxxx: board #1 at 0xB800, IRQ 22
> < snip >
> Any help will be much appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Jason
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