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surveillance (new package)

Good afternoon and happy new year,

Just to say I have made a small program called «surveille» in a package
named «surveillance».

It's a static compiled program, writen in C, that checks the files
listed in a liste_file (default is /etc/liste_surveillance) and compares
the md5sum with the original one written in a file (default is

The program is compiled in static so it is self sufficient.

In fact, one can put the program itself, the list of files to check and
the file of the md5sum on a read only floppy disk or on a CD and call it
using crontab. 

$ if surveille -f /floppy/liste_of_file -s /floppy/s ; then  echo
"Evrything is OK"; else echo "Something is wrong"; fi

is an exemple of use of this program.

The package is at

deb http://boisson.homeip.net/[woody|sarge]/ ./

Source is at

deb-src http://boisson.homeip.net/source ./

Thanks for any comment and remark


François Boisson

PS: Please cc answer, I'm not on this list

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