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Memory Management in Linux


Can anyone give me a link to a guide which introduces into memory

I need to understand expressions like "rss", "sz", "shared memory",
"memory leak", "core image of a process", "data section", "kernel
stack", "virtual size".

I've googled a lot and have red the man page of ps. But it seems as most of the information out there expects me to know the basic stuff above. I only found this picture: http://www.phptr.com/content/images/chap3_0131429647/elementLinks/03fig01.jpg and an explanation to it, so you can expect me to understand these things, but nothing more. My goal is to write a script to monitor the memory-usage of a program and to detect memory-leaks using the ps-command. How would you detect memory leaks with it?

Greetings...     Silvan

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