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Re: How do I know what sound system I'm using?

On Wed, 2004-11-03 at 15:57 +0000, icebiker wrote:
> I'm trying to sort out an arts problem (which is that I can't get it to 
> listen to my sound card's line in). I'm thinking it's a mixer problem.
> I'm using whatever sound system the sarge install gave me, but how do I 
> know what it is?
> - kmix says it's using OSS.
> - the KDE Info center says I'm using ALSAv1.0.4 emulation mode
> - lsmod says I've got snd_mixer_oss loaded, but I think that's an alsa 
> module.
> So I think I've got alsa, but I'm afraid to install alsa-utils in case I 
> break something.

(i believe) all alsa modules start with 'snd_', so that pretty much
guarantees that you are using alsa.

you could try killing all instances of arts and then try playing
something with alsaplayer or xmms (with alsa output turned on). but
those would just be acedemic tests (since you *are* using alsa).

-matt zagrabelny

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