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Re: How do I know what sound system I'm using?

On Wednesday 03 November 2004 08:57, icebiker wrote:
> I'm trying to sort out an arts problem (which is that I can't get it to
> listen to my sound card's line in). I'm thinking it's a mixer problem.
> I'm using whatever sound system the sarge install gave me, but how do I
> know what it is?
to find out, use lsmod.  If you see a bunch of snd* modules, you're using 
alsa.  If you can't tell, use locate to find the modules you do have 
loaded.  OSS modules are in .../kernel/sound/oss/

> - kmix says it's using OSS.

How do you know this?  I couldn't find anything in kmix that told me whether 
it was using alsa or oss.  I'm curious, because I'd like to know what my 
kmix says I'm using.

> - the KDE Info center says I'm using ALSAv1.0.4 emulation mode

emulation mode means alsa is emulating the oss interface.  So, applications 
that only know oss talk to alsa, and alsa translates from oss speak to alsa 
speak, and plays the sound (or whatever).

> - lsmod says I've got snd_mixer_oss loaded, but I think that's an alsa
> module.
You are correct, it's an alsa module, but its job is to provide a mixer 
interface to oss speaking programs.

> So I think I've got alsa, but I'm afraid to install alsa-utils in case I
> break something.
> /icebiker

Don't be afraid to install alsa-utils.

Justin Guerin

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