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Re: Debian defaults: Are they a democratic process?

On Wed, 03 Nov 2004 10:07:51 GMT, ROBERTOJIMENOCA
<robertojimenoca@terra.es> wrote:
> Lately, I've seen how Debian is not following the wishes of many users.
> I've seen how many distributions like Fedora Core, SUSE, Gentoo, even
> Debian based ones like Knoppix and Ubuntu are listening their users and
> having the defaults most users want. Like using the more secure, scalable
> and easier to use MTA Postfix by default (like Ubuntu does) instead of Exim

I believe if you search the archives, you'll find that this particular
issue has come up before. Regardless of other technical reasons
mentioned elsewhere in this thread, I seem to recall that the real
root of the problem is that Postfix's license doesn't qualify as
DFSG-free, and is therefore not appropriate for inclusion as the
default MTA.

Specifically, it's the IBM Public License Version 1.0. Precisely how
it fails the DFSG is something for others to specify, but that's my

Just FYI,


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