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looking for a corporate debian edition, with support


I'm looking for support for debian, or for a debian-based distribution
(more for server)
(ie i could call to have support for debugging my server,
like the red hat enterprise with support :

I'd like a corporate web site.
I'd like phone support. (9 to 5, Mon to Fri, canada)

I need that because my client wants it.
it means that if i don't find something like that,
he _will_ choose redhat as or something similar (suse).

(i'm pro-debian. unfortunaly, as explained in
debian needs a corporate support, corporate website.
those two web sites are seeking this goal.)

Please keep in mind that all the judgements here 
are thoses from my boss/my client.
I'm looking for a distribution debian or debian based (for the 
ease of use of debian, for me) which is corporate enough (for my client)

I looked at  :

http://debian-enterprise.org/ : nothing yet

http://ubuntulinux.org/ , http://www.canonical.com/projects/ : almost good,
but a donate button on the web site is not corporate enough.
(ubuntu is only sponsored by canonical. canonical does not release
ubuntu themselves. it seems to be a problem).

hp supported version of debian :
but it's only supported on hp hardware. (i believe)

progeny :
beta only for now.

not corporate enough.

ben hur
looks good, but no phone support.

seems not to sell the distribution,
only the hardware with the distribution.

seems not to sell the distribution.

thanks for your help


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