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Re: ftp clients

On Tuesday 02 November 2004 15:57, Justin Guerin wrote:
> If you're using KDE, you can use your favorite HTML editor and 
bookmark the 
> FTP site in the file open dialog.  Just enter the FTP information in 
> "often used folders" bar (the one at the top), in the form 
> ftp://user@ftp.site.  You can then work with the files on the FTP site 
> if they're local.
> As for uploading a bunch of files, you could use Konqueror.  Split 
your view 
> in half, point one half at your local files, and the other put 
> ftp://user@ftp.site in the location bar, and then drag and drop.  You 
> also save your view as a profile, including the locations, so all you 
> to do is load a profile and your FTP site will come up automatically.

I never realized that was possible.  Just got used to thinking of 
konqueror as a web browser.  Thanks for the tip.


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