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Response for Duncan Lithgow about CAD

Duncan Lithgow said in another thread that "I will never get rid of
windoze totally because I need to run AutoCAD sometimes."

I hate to see anyone suffer needlessly. Buy either Crossover or LinuxCAD. Crossover is the longer term solution for any other Windoze programs you may be forced to use in the future. It's based on the Wine project < http://winehq.org/ >. LinuxCAD is a direct replacement for AutoCAD: if you know one, you know the other.

Yes, I know both these products are commercial. That sets some people's teeth on edge. But, for some programs, this is the only way to get them into the hands of users. Development and support just costs too much for some kinds of projects. Also, from what I've seen, Linux commercial software usually costs no more than comparable Windoze products, and often less. This CAD program is MUCH less than AutoCAD!



Take either one or both, and you'll feel better in the morning.

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