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ftp clients

Any recommendations for convenient ftp client for uploading web pages, 
galleries, etc., and for updating the same?

I used to use gftp -- but it has become cranky (in Sarge, under icewm, 
it is liable to crashes, cannot use bookmarks properly, etc.), and I 
prefer not to have to load up all that gnomery if possible anyway.

I tried xftp, but it seems dysfunctional (I can log onto remote 
computer, but cannot actually make anything appear in xftp's windows, 
cannot cause any command to be executed).

I tried ncftp2, which is ok, as far as it goes.

I tried lftp and plain ftp, but uploading 40 files takes a while and a 
good bit of concentration.

I'd really like a mc-like display, or a simple X-windows app.  I just 
went to examine mc, and found it has an ftp capability, but I don't 
seem to be able to actually upload anything with it.  I get a 
permissions problem that was not present with ftp or lftp.  

Does anybody here have a favorite they'd like to recommend?



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