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Re: ftp clients

On Monday 01 November 2004 14:41, Richard Lyons wrote:
> Any recommendations for convenient ftp client for uploading web pages,
> galleries, etc., and for updating the same?
> I used to use gftp -- but it has become cranky (in Sarge, under icewm,
> it is liable to crashes, cannot use bookmarks properly, etc.), and I
> prefer not to have to load up all that gnomery if possible anyway.
> I tried xftp, but it seems dysfunctional (I can log onto remote
> computer, but cannot actually make anything appear in xftp's windows,
> cannot cause any command to be executed).
> I tried ncftp2, which is ok, as far as it goes.
> I tried lftp and plain ftp, but uploading 40 files takes a while and a
> good bit of concentration.
> I'd really like a mc-like display, or a simple X-windows app.  I just
> went to examine mc, and found it has an ftp capability, but I don't
> seem to be able to actually upload anything with it.  I get a
> permissions problem that was not present with ftp or lftp.
> Does anybody here have a favorite they'd like to recommend?
If you're using KDE, you can use your favorite HTML editor and bookmark the 
FTP site in the file open dialog.  Just enter the FTP information in the 
"often used folders" bar (the one at the top), in the form 
ftp://user@ftp.site.  You can then work with the files on the FTP site as 
if they're local.

As for uploading a bunch of files, you could use Konqueror.  Split your view 
in half, point one half at your local files, and the other put 
ftp://user@ftp.site in the location bar, and then drag and drop.  You can 
also save your view as a profile, including the locations, so all you have 
to do is load a profile and your FTP site will come up automatically.

Hope that helps,

Justin Guerin

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