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Unidentified subject!

Hello all,

I'm a Linux newbie. Been trying RedHat, Fedora, Mandrake distros and finally
thought of something more serious so here I am. So far I was used to go for an
Ext3 filesystem for my 'root' and 'home' partitions. Very convenient, as I
don't know a lot about the other exotic filesystems available with Linux.
But here, installing a very freshly downloaded set of Debian cd's, the installer
did not offer me the 'EXT3' choice. The best I could get was 'EXT2'. How comes ?

By the way I find it kind of awkward that the default kernel offered by Debian
is a 2.2 (a pain in the arse if you think about setting up a sound device, as
Alsa is not included).

Could anyone enlighten me with some explanation ?



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