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I need help.

Hello all,

My name is Cameron Ball, and i've recently had an interest in linux. 
I've downloaded the Debian distro image.  And i've made a clean
partition on my main hard drive.  So, i then burnt the image onto a
disk, and attempted to boot it.  Nothing happened.  So i thought it
may be that my BIOS may not be set to boot from cd, so i checked, and
it was set to boot from cd, but just to be sure, i made it the first
boot device.  Then i reset.  still nothing.  So, then i thought it may
be because i had burnt it onto an CD RW, so i did it on a regular CD
R.  Still nothing.  I have read through the installation manual, and
can;t see anything of useage.

Can someone please help me out?

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