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Re: Unidentified subject!

vincent.tournebise@free.fr wrote:

But here, installing a very freshly downloaded set of Debian cd's, the installer
did not offer me the 'EXT3' choice. The best I could get was 'EXT2'. How comes ?

By the way I find it kind of awkward that the default kernel offered by Debian
is a 2.2 (a pain in the arse if you think about setting up a sound device, as
Alsa is not included).

Could anyone enlighten me with some explanation ?
Yes. Woody is ancient. It's still the "current" version of Debian, which is why you found it and downloaded it, but it is soon to be replaced by a new version, named Sarge. You'd probably be much happier downloading/installing Sarge rather than Woody.

Historically, Debian has had longer releases than other distributions of Linux, which works out well for many system administrators who don't need the constant upgrade cycle prevalent in those other distros. For the more bleeding-edge users, Debian offers the "testing" (currently "Sarge") and "unstable" (always "Sid") branches.

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