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Re: Response for Duncan Lithgow about CAD

On Monday 01 November 2004 02:12 pm, Jim Hall wrote:
> Duncan Lithgow said in another thread that "I will never get rid of
> windoze totally because I need to run AutoCAD sometimes."
> I hate to see anyone suffer needlessly. Buy either Crossover or
> LinuxCAD. Crossover is the longer term solution for any other Windoze
> programs you may be forced to use in the future. It's based on the
> Wine project < http://winehq.org/ >.  LinuxCAD is a direct
> replacement for AutoCAD: if you know one, you know the other.

Have you tried LinuxCAD? It seems a few years back it was just a scam, 
has that changed ?
> Yes, I know both these products are commercial. That sets some
> people's teeth on edge. But, for some programs, this is the only way
> to get them into the hands of users. Development and support just
> costs too much for some kinds of projects. Also, from what I've seen,
> Linux commercial software usually costs no more than comparable
> Windoze products, and often less. This CAD program is MUCH less than
> AutoCAD!

Wine won't run AutoCad in a production environment. Varicad is a decent 
CAD program for Linux but it is for mechanical. If you need to run a 
decent cad program use a dual G5 with the cad app available for it, 
can't remember the name, but it blows autocad/windows away.

Greg C. Madden

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